I'm Jacinta Williams, also known as JacintaTheRealtor, and I'm here to be your dedicated partner in elevating your financial well-being through real estate. Beyond the conventional responsibilities of facilitating property transactions, I also take on the role of a committed financial literacy coach. My aim is to equip you with valuable resources and unwavering support, empowering you to make well-informed decisions regarding your real estate investments.

Let's embark on a journey together to shape a future of financial success through strategic real estate choices. In this space, the intersection of your financial well-being and real estate excellence is crucial, and I am committed to ensuring that your path is guided by informed decisions and prosperous outcomes.

As a proud member of the HFY Real Estate Group family, I carry the values of integrity and exceptional client service into every aspect of my work. With firsthand experience as a homeowner, landlord, and financial wellness coach, I am a comprehensive professional—always Here For You!

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Empowering Homebuyers, I guide and help transform and prepare for homeownership.  I am HERE FOR YOU!  I encourage and foster wellness and growth in every area of my clients' ownership process.

  • I help to unlock the full potential of your homeownership journey
  • I tailor each experience uniquely, designed to elevate every aspect of the process.
  • I offer both, quick tips or a more comprehensive twelve-page guides on various related topics like:
    • optimizing your credit
    • improving budgeting skills
    • navigating the complexities of financial understanding.
    • preparing for homeownership
    • buying your 2nd home





Let's talk!!!!

Contact me, 973-332-2110

or one of my other team members at:

HFY Real Estate Group. 569 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd, SUITE B06, Newark, NJ 07102

866.774.0670  To visit the website, please click -

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