Growing Greatness LLC

Growing Greatness LLC Financial literacy and coaching service, dedicated to inspire action and grow leadership . 

Growing individuals, teams, and organizations who aim to gain better control of self, and financial understanding.  Providing opportunities, resources, and guidance to develop themselves, their projects and their communities with the tools, inspiration, and resources to grow their greatness...

Connect the divide between your current position and your desired destination.

Our financial coach is dedicated to assisting you in making informed decisions regarding steps to take towards financial wellness, safeguarding and preserving what you have already established and ensuring the smooth transfer for your continued growth. 




By the early age of thirteen I found myself grappling with financial stress in peculiar ways. I had to make major life decisions for myself, and others; and keep in mind my current state of lack, of both; a support system and no money. Fast forward to my 20’s, a single mom with a demanding schedule, working full-time, living on a fixed income, still seeming to continuously set myself up for money-related obstacles, without understanding how or even why.

The reality of financial lack hit on a continuous basis. Unemployed, drowning in debt and barely able to afford groceries, something had to give, or change. I started small, noticing how my habits helped to keep me trapped in my financial cycles. I started reading more about finances and how to use money well.  Over the years, life threw its curveballs; bankruptcy, separations, the loss of loved ones, layoffs, and more. Yet, each challenge became an opportunity to refine the skills needed to triumph over the next hurdle.

Eventually, the setbacks become more of a pause, or redirection. I firmly believe that my past experiences, education, and adversities contribute to my enduring passion for learning, teaching, and promoting financial wellness. I have countless untold stories that emphasize my commitment, goals, and qualifications as a financial coach and as an advocate for financial education, home ownership, and emotional well-being.

I am convinced that, with the right strategy, processes, and practices, almost anyone can become financially educated, well-versed, and adept in handling personal financial matters with wisdom and wealth.

Our Vision

To alleviate stress by acquiring deeper understanding of one's personal financial habits

Our Mission

To empower individuals in developing and enhancing their financial well-being.

Affirmation Statement

We are purposefully living, increasing wealth through time, mind, and understanding. Commitment to master the circumstance of our daily lives and harness the opportunity to make something of the good and bad. Maintaining willingness and eagerness to work on self. We master and grow financially with simplicity, love, and appreciation. Today we grow great, and everyday plan for continued growing greatness!