Navigating the Waves of Financial Wellness. A Personal Journey.


Navigating the Waves of Financial Wellness. A Personal Journey.

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Key points:

  • For some, the greatest opportunity for growth may come through struggle
  • The journey of starting small has the potential to lead us to great heights.
  • Armed with the right strategies, processes, and practices, almost anyone can attain financial literacy

The story begins:

In the ripe age of thirteen, I found myself thrust into a world of financial stress. At the time, it seemed alien to most kids my age. Having to make major life decisions, that would affect myself and others without having the true understanding of future effects, was pressure. Focusing on the reality and the lack of physical support and financial resources, added to the pressure. This early exposure to financial challenges would lay the foundation for a tumultuous journey into adulthood.

Fast forward to my 20s, and I found myself wearing the hat of a single mom, juggling a demanding schedule while navigating the complexities of living on a fixed income. Despite working tirelessly, financial obstacles seemed to be a continuous battle, and I was left confused as to how I ended up in this seemingly unending cycle.

The harsh reality of financial scarcity struck persistently. Unemployment, mounting debts, and the inability to afford basic groceries became the harsh echoes of my daily life. Faced with such adversity, I knew that something had to give, something had to change. Thus began my quest for financial enlightenment.

Starting small, I began to examine my habits and how it contributed to my financial entrapment. I delved into the world of financial literature, absorbing every bit of information on how to use money wisely. Life, however, had a way of throwing curveballs my way – bankruptcies, separations, the heartbreaking loss of loved ones, layoffs, and more. Each challenge, rather than being a roadblock, became an opportunity for me to hone the skills necessary to triumph over the next hurdle.

Over time, setbacks evolved into moments of reflection and redirection. I am a firm believer that my past experiences, coupled with education and adversities, have fueled my enduring passion for learning, teaching, and advocating for financial wellness. Behind the scenes of my life lies a trove of untold stories, underscoring my unwavering commitment, goals, and qualifications as both a financial coach and a champion for financial education, home ownership, and emotional well-being.

Through this journey, I’ve become convinced that, armed with the right strategies, processes, and practices, almost anyone can attain financial literacy, becoming adept at handling personal financial matters with wisdom and building lasting wealth. My mission is clear – to share the lessons learned from my own financial mishaps, empowering others to navigate the sometimey and shifty waters of financial wellness with resilience and confidence.